Have you ever set an intention? Did you ever wonder how you were ever going to start, especially when you have an emotional investment in what you believe in? For myself, it started with fear, then I realised that if you have fear, there is no love. I was going to be confronted with things I didn’t want to know and feel. I was going to grieve all over again for my beautiful daughter.

I’ve often felt that being a mother is about learning strengths you didn’t know you had, and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed.Yes, that numbness and thinking it couldn’t get any worse; but unfortunately it did with me. My beautiful amazing daughter: gone. A person so full of life yet, extinguished so quickly that I hardly had time to grasp the essence of my daughter as she grew to adulthood.

Most of life begins with a beginning, but mine starts with an end. A life taken too tragically to suicide, which I felt could have been prevented.

I do believe in a life where there are no mistakes, no coincidences. All events are blessings given to us to learn from. My daughter was blessing from the start; half of me, yet unique. In truth she stood out among her contemporaries as gifted and talented. Her depth and wisdom knew no boundaries. How can someone that had fire and enough flames to light a city die so tragically? There is no sense or reason, but Pippa had enough reason to kill herself, alone with her thoughts and just her cat for company.

Caroline Overington, a journalist from the Weekend Australian did a piece on my daughter on 10/9/2016. Although a lovely tribute, it’s difficult to do Pippa’s story justice unless you knew her. Thus, my desire to tell her story took flight!
 It’s no mean feat, but a life work that has to be done, or, perhaps, a destiny I have to fulfil in her name.
 I have needed to grieve, to give myself time, but destiny pulls you by the throat at times, and the time has come to tell Grace/Pip’s story. It’s time to find some sense to it all, give it a name and learn from what life has taught me as a mother and from Grace/Pippa, who was a true-to-life Social Justice Warrior. She was a mother to all sex workers and their safety was her prime concern at all times.

My desire in telling Pippa’s story is also to target the issues of suicide in Australia and the notion that the Revolving Door Syndrome, while a platitude within the hospital system, indicates that Mental Health in Australia has taken a turn for the worse. It has become a bottomless pit with the burden too great for the government to get their head around to initiate projects that get the right responses, and there are people who are capable of saving lives at the coalface, who are often just not in the right place at the right time.

My desire for this blog/website was just not for myself, but for everyone, so it can give you the opportunity to be a part of the book of Grace/Pippa’s life. I felt it needed immediate action and your voice. While my daughter’s life is still fresh in all our minds, we need to honour her reach within the media, within the Sex Network, the people she saved and her fight for decriminalisation of the sex industry in South Australia. It is for all who knew her personally and the way she touched your lives.

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By Lynette O’Sullivan
(Pippa’s Mum)